Saturday, Pennie, Tatiana, Carlos and I took a jaunt down to Clear Lake for the meeting of the Houston-Social-Gamesters. It was a really good time. It is a gathering of good folks who just like to get together and play games… board games, trivia games, tile games, card games – you name it. There was never a lull in the evening as there were always different games starting up in various groups.

We played Cranium, dominoes, Scene-It, Flexx, Spite & Malice, heck, I can’t remember the rest… if you are looking for a group that you can join and play games with in the Houston area – join the Yahoo Group using the link above. Here are some pictures from the event…

Carlos is is showing Denise how to use her camera, while Pennie is concentrating on winning…

One of my new friends… Frodo.

I am not even going to attempt to get everyone’s names right, but here is about a third of the group all playing Cranium… it is a great game.

My teammate, Brandi scoring big with her silent charade of “Demolition Derby”

Part of the gang playing Scene-It. This is a cool movie trivia game that uses clips on a DVD… very cool.

As you can see… it was a lot of fun. I look forward to getting together with them in the future.