Soul Plane was rotten. No, that is too kind. Soul Plane was horrible, terrible, apalling, rancid even. There that about covers it. There was one funny joke every 87 minutes – oh wait… it’s only 86 minutes long… the only joke was the fact that the creators expected you to sit through the whole thing. I am proud to say that I did not make it. Jerry Terrero directed this, his first major motion picture. His background is in extras casting, which he has done for several forgettable films… so I guess his background is just in being lame. I cannot place all the blame on him however, the writing is not even good enough to call juvenile. Bo Zenga and Chuck Wilson share writing credits (blame?) and neither is a writer. They both have executive producer credits on other films – which is a throwaway title they give to the people who put up the money. They apparently have no talent for anything other than investing in films. Do us all a favor and step away from the cameras and word processors – you are all out of your league.

RATING 1 out of 10