Wow, it has been a football year and the pros haven’t even started. Mike and I went to the Battle for the Bayou Bucket featuring the Houston Cougars and Rice Owls. Last season, the Coogs had one hell of an offense and regularly put up 50+ points so I was expecting a high scoring whupping on the lowly Owls who are struggling to even keep their athletic program.

As a show of solidarity for Mike who graduated from UH-Victoria Campus, I wore my UH Hispanic Media Association tshirt I was given after speaking to the group about video production. I have always liked Rice more simply because I like their uniforms and colors better… plus since I have never chosen a team to follow in college, I kinda root for the underdogs.

Well, these underdogs bit. The Owls not only shut down the Cougar scoring machine, but ran the option to perfection enrout to the 10-7 victory. It was a shutout until 9 seconds left when Houston scored a trash TD.

Mike gave me a hard time about missing most the Texans/Bucs preseason game because Manny and I were running around getting pictures and just generally screwing around. I promised him that I would watch the game… (and frankly, Manny is tiring to be around, I would much rather sit and watch a good football game)

I did however sneak in a photo with the designated driver girls before the game…

Overall, it was a lot of fun. The atmosphere at a college game is so much cooler because you are watching people who are not only not spoiled millionaires, but are actually working their butts off. The college bands and the fans just help add to the aura that is college football.

High school football is the same way and Mike and I plan to try and catch some of the great matchups this season. We have some of the top teams in the nation and state within 50 or so miles of us so hopefully we can view some of those games.