Team America: World Police
was a laugh riot. I was expecting more of a liberal, right-wing bashing anti-America theme… but as Dave says, “It pretty much bashes everyone.” The lyrics to the theme song can’t be printed here, but they rock.

You will hate this movie if you are a left-wing radical. You will hate this movie if you are a right-wing nutcase. You will hate this movie if you are easily offended by just about anything.

If you are level headed and enjoy parody at anyone’s expense… you will love this movie.

RATING 8 out of 10

When I first started watching Mean Girls, I have to admit, it was because off the high babe ratio. Early on in the film, it appeared very poorly written, as it relied heavily on voiceover and explanatory exposition, but after the lame setup, it turned out pretty decent. Lindsey Lohan is becoming a hot commodity (pun intended) in the film world. Lacey Chabert, the little squeaky one from Party of Five, is all grown up and after disappearing for the past few years, has tons of projects in the works as well.

The Lorne Michaels production is chock full of current and former SNL stars. Tina Fey does a good job as the ‘normal’ teacher, while Tim Meadows and Ana Gasteyer just collect paychecks, but Amy Poehler does agreat job as the wanna-be, young, hip mom. Those moms have always cracked me up.

RATING 7 out of 10