I called DirecTV today to cancel my service. My reasoning was that I just don’t watch much television – sure, it is on all the time, but that is more for noise than anything else. Well, after finally reaching a human, I made my plan known and was asked, “Can you tell me why you are cancelling?”

“I don’t watch it that much,” was my response.

After she dug a bit deeper, and I revealed that on top of all that, I was really pissed that new customers get more receivers installed as well as a free Tivo service, she said, “Oh, I can help you with that.”

Long story short, I am not only getting a dual receiver delivered and installed free tomorrow, I am getting Tivo installed for free as well. Well, the Tivo is actually costing me $4.99 a month, but she lowered my base bill by $15.00 a month also without taking away any channels.

Sure, it is more than I would pay if I had cancelled, but with Tivo, I will actually be able to watch the things I want and no longer be subject to the network’s programming schedule. I know, I know – I sold out and didn’t stick to my guns… but I did get a heck of a lot more and am paying a heck of a lot less each month than before I called.

Moral: Call your satellite service and threaten to quit, you too will probably get a sweeter deal.