Well, I did it… I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 – the slam-job by Michael Moore… and all I can say is – WOW! Where to begin? Those that remember Bowling for Columbine will remember that it is fraught with inconsistencies and outright lies… Moore is up to his old tricks again with Fahrenheit 9/11.

Well, this is going to take several posts to cover… let me start at the beginning. First off, you will notice that this ‘movie’ review does NOT have my standard movie ticket icon, nor does it have a rating system. That is because it is not a film. To call it a documentary is even incorrect – it is a propaganda piece.

F911 starts out with a celebration of Al Gore’s victory in Florida. Gore is shown celebrating with Ben Affleck, Robert DeNiro, and Stevie Wonder with a large sign behind them that reads “Florida Victory.” The deceit comes in the voiceover by Moore. He uses past-tense in stating that Gore had won the election and goes on to point out how the election was overturned. The problem is that this scene is from long before the polls even opened in Florida. It sounds minor, but after 2 hours of minor lies… you see the pattern of deceit created by Moore.

It goes on to state that the networks had called Florida in favor of Gore and announced Gore as the winner of the election and “Then something called the FOX News Channel called the election in favor of the other guy