Fox 26 News ran a piece stating that Precious Pets at 12579 Whittington Drive in Houston has been investigated countless times in the past few years for selling ill puppies to the public and then turning a deaf ear when the puppies die or require huge vet bills.

Joe Hernandez is reportedly the owner of the shop and claims that the report by Fox 26 News is false.

Fox reported numerous incidences of puppies sold with Parvo, Mange and other illnesses. The SPCA has received dozens of complaints against Precious Pets in the past few years, but they haven’t found any ‘criminal’ violations. (That is largely because pet shops are not regulated and in order for their to be a criminal violation, there would have to be clear evidence of dead or abused pets – illnesses like Parvo do not show outward signs until it is too late.)

What can be learned from this? Do NOT buy ANY pet from one of these puppy mill petshops… that includes those cute stores in the malls. Most of them get their stock (and that is all they are to those people) from puppy mills. They build a certain amount of ‘loss’ into their stock. What is a simple matter of economics to them, is actually lives of abused and neglected puppies.

When you are ready for your next best friend… please consider a shelter adoption or breed rescue… in lieu of that – seek out a reputable breeder.