The Alamo is typical Hollywood left-wing, revisionist history. It takes the story of a valiant stand at San Antonio by the fledgling Texians against the overwhelming odds of Santa Anna’s army, and turns it into a cheap “war is bad,” “these guys you think were heroes, were not that special” left-coast retelling.

It is clear why the movie tanked in Texas and for that fact, the entire country. Nobody likes their heroes defamed, and to take one of the most enduring stories in our “NATION’S” history and give it such a hack treatment is deplorable.

We are not idiots, we know that Davey Crockett was really just a man, but this is supposed to be a movie… not a documentary. AND, if documentary realism is what they were going for – then their obvious political slant is out of place. Billy Bob Thornton gave a decent enough performance, but the rest were really pedestrian at best. John Lee Hancock‘s writing and direction show his lack of skill at both.

RATING 4 out of 10