Well, that great day lasted just about long enough to finish blogging about how good it was going to be.

Right afterwards, Littlefoot in his euphoria over the great day knocked a plastic bottle of barbeque lighter fluid off the grill which having sat in the sun all summer was extremely brittle. It shattered as it hit and spread about a quart and a half of lighter fluid all over the concrete patio. The smell was overwhelming as it completely engulfed the house. Then to make matters worse, Littlefoot ran right through the puddle before I could get it cleaned up… and apparently lighter fluid is not comfortable on little doggie paws because he went ballistic.

I attempted to clean up the lighter fluid, but really only managed to spread it around – with it being such a cool day, it will probably not dry for hours. Next job was Littlefoot… I took him to the bathtub for a nice shampoo and he fought me all the way – until I started working the shampoo into his affected paws. Apparently, it is still irritating him somewhat as he is doing the four-footed peel out walk up and down the carpet, but at least he has stopped whimpering.

Oh yeah, and I have a vending machine that is stinking so I gotta get that remedied. (I am thinking that a coke burst in it and it just needs cleaning.)