Music review time! You knew it had to happen right? I mean, I review movies, tv shows, restaurants, events, politicians, books, even friggin’ college courses… why wouldn’t I take one of my biggest interests and give my opinion? Maybe because I haven’t purchased and album in years… NOT that I would do something as wrong as download music off the internet, but the whole review thing never comes to mind when you are looking at an MP3 instead of a shiny new CD case.

Maroon 5 scored HUGE with “Songs About Jane.” This album has some great songs. They are one of those bands that sounds familar when you hear them mentioned, but you have trouble putting your finger on what songs they sing. They sing some great ones… Harder to Breathe, This Love, and the awesome ballad She Will Be Loved are great singles that are on the airwaves now. In addition to these three, which are clearly selected as the most commercially viable, the rest of the album shows a great range and excellent lyrics. Check it out… this is one of those albums like the Counting Crows first one. It will not be one that comes to mind as one of the greatest of all time, but will never leave your collection because it is just great music.