Super Size Me is a documentary that looks at the role that fast food plays in the rampant obesity in our country. Morgan Spurlock takes on a fast food exclusive diet for 30 days and fills us in on the painful steps and sickening conclusion. Spurlock does an excellent job of showing us the immense danger of eating fast food even as much as once every two or three weeks.

One of the scariest aspects of this film is the look at the foods served in school cafeterias. Our nation’s children are being served the same garbage available at these grease pits. One cafeteria employee admitted that she does not cook anything anymore, and the her only cooking utensil is the box cutter used for opening the heat-n-eat boxes of junk food. Spurlock does a superb job in providing facts, figures and interviews that add weight (pun intended) the gravity of the issue (another bad pun.) And most of all, he makes his points without the total disregard for truth that someone like Michael Moore puts in his so-called documentaries.

This film should not only be required viewing for EVERY school age child, it should be shown once a year throughout their school life. Also, any adult who watches this and continues to eat at these toxic dumps is putting their head in the sand… and their life on the line.

An interesting side note, in 2004 after one failed attempt to sue McDonald’s, Congress passed the “cheeseburger bill,” which makes lawsuits against fast food companies illegal. This is clear evidence that the fast food lobby sees the writing on the wall, understands that they are doing something wrong, and doing something about it. The fast food lobby has spent over A BILLION dollars a year to make sure that 1 – they are not the target of lawsuits and 2 – agendas that help their product infiltration are promoted.

RATING 10 out of 10