First off, big ups to my man Dave for the donation of his old BBQ grill. As you can see in the picture, we cut the legs down and mounted it in the front portion of Turtle World. The idea for an ‘outdoor fire’ was from Pennie. She suggested that as it turns cooler, it would be nice if we could sit near a fire when kicking back outside.

The layout works great as Pennie sits on the right and would be more comfortable nearer the burning wood.

The wood in the picture is from my peach tree. I cut it down because it was looking pretty sickly as each winter at least one major branch has broken off when it gets icey and windy. The only problem with cutting down the tree was that it was center for a couple of bird feeders. To remedy the lack of feeding area for the birds, I sunk a cedar post in the ground and mounted two feeders on it.