This, the final day of RenFest for the year was the best RenFest ever. It was the best temperature ever as it was cool all day without raining! Pennie and I went by ourselves and moved around at our own pace – no agenda, no deadlines – just hanging out… that is definitely the way to do it.

The big news is that I finally made it to the fireworks… and BOY were there fireworks! Pennie, who had seen them before stated that there were a heck of a lot more than the time she saw them. It could be that as it was the final show, they always do a bigger finale – or as Pennie surmised, maybe they had a bunch left over from the various rainouts and figured it was now or never. In any event, it was pretty cool.

The day featured all the usual characters… I’ll save all the trouble of uploading picture after picture of the same old stuff.. but I will put up a couple of unique ones…

Of course there were knights, princesses, wizards and wenches… but did you know there were fairy hookers?

…even crossgendered ones for the discriminating customer. Check out the guy in the white… haha.

And the ultimate… here are the Dorks of the Rings… (I think they were late for a game of D&D)