Okay, that was a poor name for this blog, but it was all I could think of quickly.

Guess what? I am thinking about getting another dog. Yes… I know there are a ton of reasons why I shouldn’t, but there are also plenty why I should. I am not 100% decided yet, but I thought I would start by narrowing the breed choices over the course of several blogs and then make the decision.

I guess the best place to start is with the breeds themselves… I will list the breeds I would consider (along with a mutt) and try to narrow the choices down while deciding if I am going to do it,

Let’s start with the breeds beginning with A. Here are the ones I would consider…

Australian Cattle Dog

– great bread – made semi-famous in the first Mad Max movie. They are pretty active though so will probably not make the next round of cuts.

Bassett Hound
– one of the sweetest breeds ever. They are great companion dogs and wonderful around other pets and people.

– sure, they are loud at times – but they are a great breed as well. They love to be in large packs, which is one of the motivating factors behind getting a second dog – Littlefoot has been pretty much sleeping all day since losing Sam.

Bernese Mountain Dog
– a wonderful ‘big dog.’ They love to work and enjoy pulling carts and gets along well with other animals. They enjoy people, but bond strongly to one person only.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
– these little guys are even tempered and highly adaptable to different lifestyles. They are suspicious of people they do not know, but are avid mouse catchers.

Great Dane
– one of the regal big dogs. The Great Dane is a gentle giant that likes nothing better than lounging with his humans. He is calm and well behaved.

Great Pyrenees
– basically a snow-white St. Bernard. These are another fine breed that loves people and forms deep loving attractions.


– another of the monster-trucks of the dog world. The Newfs loves human interaction and love to swim.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi
– the other style of Corgi. The Pembroke enjoys travelling, playing games and just about anything as long as his family is nearby.




St. Bernard
– a great companion. Nothing I could write would explain the bond between a Saint and his human. Great dogs.


There you have it. Ten breeds make the initial cut. From here I will look at things like activity requirements, training needs, health issues, and general compatibility with my lifestyle.