The Incredibles
was pretty darn, well – incredible. Not as in unbelievable, because it is the skill level I have come to expect from Pixar. It was actually just so that I could use the little play on words. The film was cool though. The characters were excellent – I especially like the boy, Dash – he was a lot of fun. Who needs actors? Keep the animation coming!

RATING 9 out of 10

And did you see, Saw? You see that – it was another play on words… damn, I am a comic genius. The movie, Saw was one of those that set out to be really cool in its ability to pose a puzzle for the characters (and hopefully, audience) to figure out. The problem is that the puzzles were too easy. The director leads us by the hand and constantly reminds us of things in case we missed it… feel free to mix in a respect for your audience’s intelligence next time. The film gets so pedantic as to make you pray for things to speed up and just get over with. Cary Elwes and Danny Glover were decent, but nothing spectacular. There is however a pretty nice twist that saved this post from being a total hatchet job.

RATING 6 out of 10