The House of Sand and Fog looked promising from the promos, but disappeared quickly amid a torrent of other films once released. As is often not the case, the public was right on this one. Ben Kingsley, one of my all-time favorite actors did a decent job in this role, but his performance seemed waaaay over the top for such a pedestrian character and downright retarded story. I mean talk about “what if they made a movie and nobody cared.” This drivel is about a man that scrimps and saves to buy his dreamhouse – an auctioned foreclosure. Jennifer Connelly’s was the only character that seemed to fit as the unfortunate victim of the county whose house was auctioned off to Kingsley. What remains of the story is a series of “lets see how stupid I can make this character” unbelievable actions and retarded justifications. Don’t even bother to rent this one if your cable goes out… white noise is much more intelligent.

RATING 3 out of 10