The second day of our mini-getaway was pretty cool. It started off with a bang…. sort of. During the night I heard sirens and thought little of it. When we woke, we were watching CNN Headline News and they busted in with a story of a bank that was robbed in San Antonio. A few minutes later while looking out the window at our brilliant view of downtown, Pennie looked down and said, “That’s the bank that was robbed!” It was right outside our window. Sure enough, closer inspection revealed police crime tape still on the building and parking garage.

We then set out to do a little geocaching. Our first stop was a virtual geocache (i.e. there is not a cache to find, but a point of interest to discover.) We discovered the Arneson Theatre on the Riverwalk and took a break there. The seating of the ampitheatre is stone with grass for the seating area… very cool. I wish there had been a show.

Over my shoulder to the right you will see a sign “La Villita.” It was another great accidental discovery. La Villita is a sort of artist community type area with a great many shops and music on seemingly every corner.

Here is the Regency Jazz Band (playing as a trio today.) They were exceptional. I could have sat their all day and listened to the music. George Prado is on bass and Aaron Prado is on keyboard… I did not get the other gentleman’s name. Aaron is the Music Director and Producer at KRTU FM 91.7. If the station is half as good as their playing… this is a MUST-LISTEN station when in the San Antonio area.

A little while into the jazz set, they call over Alice Knight to “croon” a bit. She jumped right in and started belting out the tunes…

She seemed to enjoy her music so much, I just had to meet her. Pennie took a shot of the two of us and Alice led us to her arts & crafts shop just across the square. There she gave me the wonderful gift of her latest CD. It is a VERY fun CD.

If you get by San Antonio… be sure to check out La Villita and see Alice at her shop:

Alice Knight
La Villita #17
305 1/2 S. Alamo
San Antonio, TX 78205

Tell her that Chris (the blog guy) and Pennie said hello!

A little further along in the center, we got our first doggie fix of the day, when we met Dusty and his mom from Portland. (I think I remember that right…) They were very gracious in allowing Pennie and I to say hello and spend some quality time with Dusty.

A little later, we came upon Smokey and his mom. (I didn’t get her name either… I am not too good with human names – haha) Smokey was a very friendly and we enjoyed our visit with him too.

We did a few more geocaches before heading back to the riverwalk. There we sat down for a good dinner (we worked up quite an appetite with all the miles of walking) at our standby spot overlooking the water. Our waitress, Cynthia snapped this pic for us.

Wow, what a weekend… heck, it wasn’t even a full weekend – but we did more than some folks do in a month of Sundays. (yeah, I said it… does that mean I am old because I used that saying?) haha.