I just want to do nothing one weekend. It would be so nice to sit at home and chill. This weekend was a lot of fun, a lot of work and despite my lament to the contrary, I would do it again.

Friday Mike and I attended the high school football playoffs mentioned earlier.

Saturday was all about working. Well, it was officially work and it was a pain in the ‘back’ but it was pretty cool. Some of you may have read the Houston Chronicle article about Doug Erwin’s Ice Bowl Party. I was working as a videographer/candid photographer as they recreated the famous matchup in a neighboring yard, videoed it, and partied all night. We took the recording, pulled out the time segments needed and played them along as the narrator explained the game.

(Houston Chronicle photos)

After that, the party really got going and I wandered throughout taking candid photos. (I have none of the good pictures available because they are online for purchase by the guests and unavailable – I did however, have Manny take a few with my little camera – he volunteered to come along and help out)

This is a shot from inside the tent… they set up industrial coolers and fans blowing in the tent to simulate the Ice Bowl setting and it was close to freezing in there… very sweet.

Mr. Erwin, dressed as Vince Lombardi (complete with fake tooth gap) addresses the crowd.

Manny and I each took a pic under the Ice Bowl banner to commemorate the event.

Despite being very hard on my back due to all the standing, the party was fun. Everyone was dressed in outfits from the era… there were a couple Lombardi’s, a Vietnam Swift Boat veteran, an Elvis, two Joe Namath’s, several various Packer and Cowboy football players, lots of big sideburns and even a half dozen elderly women dressed as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

There was great music all night as the dj spun tunes from the late 60’s and early 70’s. There was a german oompa band during the middle of the night and the evening culminated with a great set by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy… we are talking some serious swing/ska… the place was rocking.

Lots and lots of fun and GREAT food… oh yeah, and I was billing… even cooler!

(I didn’t see much of Manny once I started working so hopefully, he didn’t get into too much trouble.)

Then on Sunday, it was back to editing. I worked on the real estate project for quite a bit and figured I would just relax as the day turned into afternoon. Well, as luck would have it – Mike got tickets to the Packers/Texans game that evening so we figured we would cap off a football weekend with a pro game.

It was a really good game – especially since I don’t really care about either team. I was kinda pulling for the Texans once they got the lead because it was a big deal for them… but as you probably know, they choked in the end.

Here I am with two of his coworkers, Margie (left) and Tiffany (right.)

Now… must rest… oh wait, its Monday… time to go to work… haha