This has been a very violent weekend for sports. Just after blogging about the terrible sportsmanship by the Willowridge High School students, I get home and see the Pacers/Pistons brawl. Then Saturday the football players for Clemson and South Carolina burst into a knockdown dragout.

People who say the fans are the cause of things like the Pacers/Pistons game are ridiculous. Sure, there was a drunken idiot who threw a beer and then several other adult beverages were slung at the brawl, but you let the stadium officials deal with the idiot and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave the field of play and enter the stands.

This is the direct result of the lowering of standards for players by the teams and league. In the old days, you would have been kicked out for the season for fighting with another player – an offense like these would have resulted in a lifetime ban.

The sad thing is that Ron Artest will sell a hell of a lot more of his rap album because of the incident.