You know this little guy?
He is the logo for TiVo… the first in a line of systems designed to record television digitally. They promote your ability to pause, rewind,fast-forward etc. live TV… what they really do more than anything is allow you to skip commercials.

Great huh? Yeah, if that was their only intent… if you haven’t made the logical leap yet – fear not, they have.

TiVo and the other DVR services will soon be inserting their own commercials into your feed thus bypassing billions in advertising revenue generated at the network level and replacing it with their own. They have effectively just stolen control of the most powerful advertising medium on the planet!

THIS IS HUGE!! Expect to see some fights over this one. Expect some controls to be put in place on these systems – or at least some major deals to be cut. Expect to have ads that you cannot skip. This advertising real estate is way too valuable to let disappear.