Victory, Vic-tor-y! Just got back from our second football game. We won 21-7. I had a great game, I caught a pass for our first touchdown and a pass for our third touchdown. I caught about five passes total, two for touchdowns, not bad! It was a blast. On defense, I almost got an interception but you can’t get them all. I went to lab and got out early because it was pretty easy. My friend, Gordie worked with me on it. I have to study for a Physics test tomorrow. Oh, I lost the nose piece to my glasses and the frame is broke but hey, that’s football! I worked a couple of hours on my computer. I paid my housing bill. I guess I’ll call home to see what’s up with Mom. I never did get around ot working on my novels last night. Well I’m gonna make some supper and then hit the books.