Forgot to write Monday. I went riding my bicycle around Nacogdoches for two hours. It was okay. I took a test in Measurement & Evaluation today, I should make an A on it. Oh, I made a 78 on my Physics test.

On Monday, I went to Sam Rayburn Lake with Rog to fish. We don’t have any hooks or live bait so we were stuck fishing with worms (plastic.) We didn’t catch a thing. The way I see it, you have to offer the fish something real or its kinda cheating.

I just got back from our third football game. I’ve never seen such a total screwed up display of football. Tommy tried to QB, but he lacks the field sense of a QB. Our regular QB, Lee Yeager came late and started off bad. We scored on a play that Rog & I made up. We gave up 7 points again. We won 14-7, but our people really sucked.

What pissed me off the most was that I didn’t get used. I caught one pass and got about 20 yards on it, 10 of it came on the run after I caught it. I’m not a ball hog and I’m perfectly happy to see other people do good. All I know is that in three games I’ve had about 10 passes thrown to me and I haven’t dropped a one. I’ve been wide open every down of every game. Our QBs just get a play stuck in their head and won’t take what the defense is giving us. Sure, I only go out about 10 yards, but games are won by ball control and that means taking the short gains that add up to a drive.

I thought this team was going to be awesome because almost every player is studying to be a coach. What I’ve realized is that I’m gonna have a cakewalk as a coach if they’re typical of the minds I’ll be facing. Roger knows his stuff but the only thing I see him doing wrong is not getting mad enough to speak up when he knows that people are screwing up. Well, that’s it for now. The Chickens are a lucky 3-0.

As you probably gathered, at the time of that entry, I was planning on being a football coach. The team’s official name was GDI Chickens. For those of you out of the loop, GDI is an acronym created in answer to the alphabet soup of fraternity teams – it translates to “God Damn Independents.” Not sure who came up with chickens, but we were the goats later in the basketball season.