I was reading through the latest Wayback Machine post and realized that back then I wrote a lot more about what was actually happening in my life and less about stuff like movie reviews and opinions. I thought it would be a good time to bring back the Weekend Update… one, to give some info about what actually happened this weekend and two, cause I want to use the goofy graphic again.

This weekend started off with heading up to The Woodlands to see Ray with Pennie (see earlier post for a review.) We were both kinda beat so the length of the movie made for a late, tired evening. Saturday was a working/film watching day. I have been editing on a real estate seminar and like all editing projects, there are large breaks when the computer is rendering or writing that I have nothing to do. It is then that I updated the blog with movie reviews, updated the sports pages, and took care of basic housework.

Sunday was more of the same with a break to play Magic with Martin, Brett, Zach and Jeff. Geez, maybe that’s why I have been doing reviews – not a lot of big adventure this weekend. haha

Right now, I am still editing and watching The Far Country (1954) with James Stewart. it is the tale of a solitary cowboy staking his claim during the Yukon gold rush. The weather is great again and the back door is open. Lou is sitting in the sunlight just outside the back door and Littlefoot is under the desk at my feet. It’s very cool to be able to take a quick doggie wrasslin’ break between renders… did I mention, this is a pretty good gig?

Next up is another Jimmy Stewart movie, Destry Rides Again (1939), a comedy western costarring Marlene Dietrich that was his followup to his best movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939).

Tivo has allowed me to setup what they call a wishlist. I told it to record all the Jimmy Stewart movies it finds… I saw Flight of the Phoenix (1965) last week (they are doing a remake of it set to come out soon,) as well as Wife vs. Secretary (1936) but turned it off as his part was too small to be interesting.