The entry about the watch a week or so ago which compared a person to the watch he wears got me to thinking. Sure, you can tell a lot about me by the tone and content of my posts here – but often these clues are hidden among movie reviews and corny attempts at humor. I thought I would take a second to add a more serious look at my personality.

Being a lifelong fan of psychology, (an area of huge interest of mine as well as my minor in college) I have often enjoyed all those psychological profile tests and studied them as to their validity. In doing so, I have found one test in particular that seems to do the best job of nailing down personality types. The test is called the Myers-Briggs Psychological Profile or Type Indicator. The best remaining website for taking the test is called the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. (The test and results used to be available online for free, but now you must register with the site and then you only get a broad result unless you pay for the $15 full report.)

I have taken the test no less than a half dozen times in the last 15+ years and the result is always – ENTJ.

A couple online descriptions of ENTJ.
The Fieldmarshal Personality
ENTJ Profile

There you go… probably a lot more info than you cared to know.

PS. While researching sites for this post, I found another one of those silly profile tests… What Classic Movie Are You? I am…

Another test I took on the site was a free enneagram* test. The results are given as a main personality trait and a variant.

Main Type
Overall Self

Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

* for the record, enneagram tests show a lack of any clear structure from test to test and have yet to show any scientific validity.