I have always been one to ignore aches and pains… that is until the herniated disc in my back caused me to rethink that “I’m going to live forever” thing. I have tuned in a bit more to things that go ouch.

Recently, the outside of my left heel has been hurting when I walk on it. With Pennie’s foot issues, I was starting to wonder if I had bone spurs or something similarly icky. I mentioned it to Dave today and in a case of turnabout, he said, “you might have just bruised it or something.” Well, that got me to thinking – as late night work sessions have a habit of making me do – and I just figured it out.

Right after we checked in to the hotel last Friday night, I was setting my computer up on the table. As I backed away from the table, the outside of my left heel struck the leg of the chair with some serious force – after the obligitory rubbing the pain away, I had pretty much forgot about it. Upon palpitation of the area, it is pretty clear that there is a bump from hitting it and it is indeed bruised. Thanks Dave, for the memory jog.

…maybe I will live forever afterall. 🙂