Jimmy Stewart is the greatest actor of all time… don’t bother to debate me… it will fall on deaf ears. Whether slaying the audience alongside his lovable invisible rabbit as Elwood P. Dowd, standing up for the little man as Jefferson Smith, shooting outlaws and varmints in the wild west, spinning a tale of mystery and suspense with Alfred Hitchcock, or discovering the true meaning of Christmas reruns (and why bells ring for that matter,) Jimmy Stewart never failed to deliver a great performance and his career spanning over 150 film and television appearances contains some of the greatest films of all time.

Turner Classic Movies has named Jimmy Stewart as their Star of the Month and in honor of him are showing 34 of Jimmy’s movies on Mondays throughout the month – what a great time to have TiVo! I recorded four of his films last night as it is set to record anytime it finds one of his movies.

The films slated to be shown this month: (* ones I have seen)

You Can’t Take It With You
Destry Rides Again *
After the Thin Man *
Small Town Girl (1936)
It’s a Wonderful World
The Murder Man
Of Human Hearts
The Gorgeous Hussy *
Ice Follies of 1939
The Shop Around The Corner
Bell, Book and Candle *
The Philadelphia Story *
No Time For Comedy
Wife Vs. Secretary *
Come Live With Me
Ziegfeld Girl *
Born to Dance
Rose Marie (1936)
The Shootist *
The Rare Breed *
The Naked Spur *
How the West Was Won *
The Stratton Story *
Navy Blue And Gold
Speed (1936)
Vertigo *
Rope *
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) *
Rear Window *
The Mortal Storm
The Shopworn Angel *
The Last Gangster
Carbine Williams