Is Houston not the coolest? Where else can you drive through a run-down section of town, glance over, and see a 20ft bust of President Ronald Reagan staring down at you? …well, other than President’s Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

(The Manster and me hanging with Ron)

Apparently, David Adickes, a Houston sculptor created the heads for the park. (Actually, there is a long history of the busts moving all over the country as people did everything from fight to keep them in their towns to despise them enough to want them gone.) There also appears to be a President’s Park in Williamsburg, VA. with duplicates by the same artist. I don’t know if the ones here in town are duplicates, rejects or simply copies kept around for marketing. Who knows – who cares… we got ’em and I for one – dig ’em.


Want to find them?


(first posted to Houston MetroBlog – sorry for the duplication, I have some readers that only read this one.)