Word is out… I am sick. Actually, I am on the downward slope of the illness mountain. Okay, it was more of a hill than a mountain, but at times it felt pretty big.

It started Saturday night while I was shooting photos at a corporate party. At first, I thought my scratchy throat was due to the smoky environment of the party. It was about three in the morning when it started to feel like I was being stabbed in the neck that I realized it was a “bug.”

Sunday, Brian came by and assisted with changing the coil on my truck and to get some rest from his night of “fun.” We both basically slept all day after I ran out to get some Vicks Formula 44. I never realized there were so many types… there was a kind for coughs, a kind for chest congestion, a kind for head congestion, a kind for headaches, a kind for flu, a kind for colds… it was crazy. I didn’t have a headache so I chose the kind for cough and chest congestion – 44E.

The Vicks helped me to get a little sleep, not much. Monday, I felt pretty terrible as my head started to throb at the slightest sound. (My throat was starting to feel better though.) By late Monday it seemed like things were getting pretty good… then I slept. I actually slept all night.

That isn’t special just because I have been up coughing and writhing in pain, but because in the prior two weeks I have been burning the candle at both ends AND the middle with an editing deadline. The problem with a good night’s sleep is that I woke up this morning feeling stiff, achey and again with fire in the throat.

Dave tells me that when you lay flat, you don’t allow things to drain so you end up worse off than when you went to bed sometimes. He suggested that I spend more time propped up in the recliner sleeping. (I am going to give that a go tonight.)

Again, today by around noon, I was starting to feel strong, with the exception of a very painful cough that kicks in any time I do anything but shallow breathing. The good news is that the head feels fine and the throat doesn’t hurt at rest or when I swallow – only when I cough. The bad news is that I am coughing more.

As my obsessive-compulsive personality dictates, I have already jumped on an opportunity to do another photo shoot tomorrow night. It is probably a bit early, but it is a very cool opportunity. I will be shooting the Rotary Lombardi Awards. It is one of the most prestigious awards given to college football players and just to be in attendance will be pretty cool. If I don’t get thrown out for coughing.

I will still try to take it easy most of the day tomorrow – a little paperwork, a trip out to get a haircut, some light editing, and a lot of time in the recliner watching Jimmy Stewart movies will pretty much be the total. I don’t want to be wiped out just before heading to the award dinner & ceremony. I guess that means I should get to bed…