It was one of those evenings… a chance to do some of those niggling* little repairs that stack up over time. First, I completed the satellite wiring to the bedroom. I never finished it when DirecTV sent out a second receiver and TiVo.

I then moved on to my icemaker – it just stopped making ice a couple days ago. I picked up a new water feed relay since it was what appeared to be the problem. I am not convinced that fixed it although it does feed water now. I seems that the freezer isn’t cooling as well as it was earlier… it could just be my imagination or the fact that I stick my head in every thirty minutes to see if I have ice yet. I will check in the morning to see if there is indeed another problem.

I also repaired the water hose in the back yard. The hose end cracked and wouldn’t seal so I cut the end off, put on a new hose end and presto-chango, I have a working water hose once again.

Then as it the Gods were angry with my progress, the door sweep on the back door just fell off. I installed that one about six months ago using Liquid Nails because I didn’t have anyway to attach it to the metal door… I guess the expansion and contraction from the weather changes did a number on the Liquid Nails. I will fix that tomorrow – again, I will probably just do it the same way because six months is not that bad for a 15 second fix.

*[no that isn’t a racist term – look it up]
Definition: [adj] (informal terms) small and of little importance