Never was a movie more appropriately titled. The Terminal is just that – terminal… as in DOA… as in dead to me… as in “Boy, does this movie suck!”

The premise is ridiculous. The acting is subpar. The writing is pedestrian. The direction is average. The camerawork is lame. The comedy is juvenile. Each of these on their own would not be bad… but all of them in one movie is… well, terminal!

Okay, Tom Hanks did an okay job… well, except for that bad accent. Stanley Tucci did a good job as usual… he just had nothing to work with…

…there, that is all I can find good about the film.

Okay, I can say one last good thing about the film – it is a warm, cute story at times… maybe it isn’t completely dead – but it is at least on life support.
RATING 5 out of 10