We took advantage of a day off and started filming on our upcoming short – The Audition. The film is about a couple of wannabe hoods who get an opportunity to ‘audition’ for a local crime boss. The problem is that things go a little wrong.

It is a short film starring the neighbor kids and some friends. We have been wanting to do one for a couple years since completing our first neighborhood film – American Ninja. For Christmas, we released a collector’s edition of the American Ninja DVD – complete with extra features and a limited edition run. Those involved sold the DVD to relatives and/or bought them for Christmas gifts with the idea that the funds collected would be used as a budget for the next one.

We didn’t have much of a budget for this one, but since we already own most of the equipment needed, all we really needed money for was lunches and an occasional prop.

Here we (Dave, EJ, Brett & I) are onsite, setting up a shot…

Manny allowed us to use his vehicle as the getaway car… I don’t think he realized what he was getting into until Brett asked, “Okay, okay, I can drive… but one question. Do I use one foot or two?”

Our two heroes…. Martin and Brett

Shooting at Carlos and Tatiana’s house… thanks again for the use of the location.

We have a few shots left to film but should be able to finish things this weekend. After that, the film will be at the mercy of my schedule and motivation as it will likely take about 20-30 hours of editing to put it together. We will most likely hold a premiere presentation somewhere and then follow it up with a DVD release sometime in the summer.