Today I went to all of my classes and had a pretty good time. I went running for about a half mile and then ran up nine flights of stairs. I got a 2.78 GPA last semester and I enjoyed it overall, being my first semester away from home. After this semester is over it will be five years since I’ve graduated from high school. Our intramural football team finished 6-2 overall and in basketball we finished 4-6. This semester we will play flickerball and double volleyball.

I apparently took a four month break in my journal entries that included the Christmas break. The post about my first semester away from home and five years since graduating high school is a bit misleading. I was attending Victoria College and The University of Houston: Victoria Campus part time while working at my parent’s stained glass studio right out of high school. It was after four years of this that I decided I needed to attend fulltime and headed off to Stephen F. Austin.