It’s true… the Baby Boomer generation is defining what gets created, sold and consumed by the public. No place is this more evident than in what we watch on television and the movies. One of the latest incarnations of this is in the “re-imagining” of Battlestar Galactica.

You will remember the space series from the late 70’s with Dirk Benedict as the playboy pilot, Starbuck and Richard Hatch as Apollo…. the Ceylons little red light strip of pulsing lights for eyes while chiming in with a monotone, “by your command.” Well fast forward to the new Battlestar and you will find Starbuck is not only a woman, but a damn convincing one, Katee Sackhoff. (Is it just me or does this Starbuck look like she could be a real fighter pilot?) Lt. Boomer is no longer a black man, but a gorgeous and talented woman, Grace Park.

More important than the re-hashing of a childhood favorite for the sake of the boomers, is the way they did this one. Check out the space scenes… the thing you will notice first is… nothing. You don’t hear the George Jetson doppler effect ship speeding by – you don’t hear the laser blasts – you don’t hear the explosions… what you do hear is the pounding soundtrack with an occasional underlying wisp of sound. I love the fact that while not 100% true to the silence of space, it is by far the closest I have ever seen. (Dave tells me that Firefly is completely silent in their space shots.)

If you have an ounce of scifi fan in your veins, you will love this… if you don’t – I think you will probably still like it as the writing is intelligent, the drama interesting and the stories captivating.