I think I have used that title for a blog entry before but what the heck… I think it applies.

Tomorrow is a full day. First off, the neighborhood will be having their first annuaul Dog Park Social. It is being billed as a day of fun and frolic for residents and their dogs. There will be a parade, costume party, free dog treats and lots of cool dogs from the ‘hood.

I will only be able to stay an hour or so because I have to scoot off to Galveston for a photo shoot. I will be covering the Krewe of Gambrinus’ first event of the year. I also plan on taking advantage of being in Galveston to get some other good shots.

Then, just as I get back – it will be time to rush near downtown to the 2005 Horror Dance. It will be an indy film festival featuring horror films made by local filmmakers. It should be a pretty long day, but I expect to have a ton of pics.

Speaking of pics… I submitted a photo to the Mirror Project that was accepted. They accept submissions of any photo in which the photographer and camera are shown in the reflection of something. Check it out to see some really creative shots. You can see my submission here. I plan on getting more creative with it eventually, but wanted to get something on the site.