Forget the tabloids… I know why they did it! Obviously, Jennifer Aniston (like myself) finally sat down and watched Troy. How could she stay with Brad Pitt after that horrible waste of money and film? Is it just me or do you remember a time when Brad Pitt actually could act? And what is with that horrible accent? Brad, feel free to visit a dialect coach or do us a favor and stop trying. Also, one career note – stick to the brash, cocky, arrogant roles and don’t try to include any real depth into your characters and you will do fine…. oh – yeah, you could always take some acting lessons too – that might help.

This was without a doubt the most boring telling of Homer’s epic – the worst acted, and the biggest pile of typical Hollywood overdone drama – well, since the last overdone Hollywood drama.

Eric Bana‘s Hector was great, but is lost amongst all the bad noise.

RATING 4 out of 10