You may remember a while back when I sat down to the DVD set of the first season of 24. I was in awe of the show… it grabbed me by the throat and pulled me to the edge of my seat. Just as I would start to relax, it would force me to immediately start the next episode. This show was worse than crack.

I watched one show in season two, but just didn’t get that same feeling because Keifer Sutherland‘s character Jack Bauer was no longer a field agent. I skipped season 2 and season 3. And then, just like the scent of whiskey can tumble a former alcoholic right back into his pit of demons, I saw an ad for season 4. Something about it seemed to be telling me… “It’s okay, you can just try one little episode. Nobody will know. You can quit anytime you want.”

And then I did… I watched the season premiere! It was not just a season premiere, it was a two hour season premiere! Those BASTARDS!! I watched both hours and now I am twitching all over and smacking the skin on my arm to get a vein showing… I need another hit baaaaad.

Not to let me off with just a case of the DTs or a nervous twitch, FOX is pushing more on me tonight. Yes, another two hours back to back… I just may OD… it would probably be best. I am sooo weak.