Yep, I have joined the world of podcasters. What is a podcast? Simply put, it is a recorded audio program that people post on the internet. Some are humorous, some are musical, some are downright weird.

Let me just say that formally quit my regular job duties about a month ago to start working on this podcasting thing. After listening to some of the few shows out there and after several false starts, this is the first one that I can officially call a podcast. I have done audio posts many, many, times before but after learning RSS and forcing MovableType to create the files correctly… I think I have it working now.

I had to forays into the world of internet radio in the past, running a streamcast server and pushing regular shows out to the internet for years. They were a mix of talk and music and the audience size would range from nobody for hours on end to 15-50 at peak times. The problem I found with streaming internet radio was that is was very temporary – once it was sent out, it was gone. With podcasting, I can post the ‘shows’ in MP3 format and can be heard by anyone at any time.

Enough intro… here is the first show over RSS.

weekend update
The Dark Diver
government cheese
email contest
various other rude comments