Chris Doelle’s Reading Room is 1) a bit long 2) a bit non-informative and 3) a bit boring.

I would like it to relate to something that is important to me… but I am not sure what to call it.

I thought about…

All Blogs Go to Heaven” (a backhanded nod to my love of dogs… but sorta sounds religious)
The Doelle News” (a play on my name – but then nobody knows it is pronounced “daily”)
The Doelle Grind” (same as above)
The Passion of the Chris” (pretty good, but will it hold up in a couple years after the movie is forgotten? and it sounds religious too)
BigDog’s Blog” (a bit pretentious and there are waaay too many folks out there calling themselves Bigdog)
Because I Can” (simple but doesn’t really relate to me personally)
People in Hell Want Ice Water” (I’ve just always liked that saying, but it is a bit long)
Ice Water in Hell” (shorter and actually gives the impression that it is a good thing)
Riding With the Window Down” (a reference to that look of joy on the face of a dog when doing so)
Philosopher Dog” (from the quote by Plato – A dog has the soul of a philosopher. )
Warm Puppy” (an homage to the Charlie Brown saying… Happiness is a warm puppy.)

I am open to suggestions…