Well, it is as if the gods were telling me it was time to get off my @ss and get in shape. (Trust me, this will make sense by the time I am finished.) I went to take a shower this morning and was given the shock of only freezing cold water from the showerhead. My hot water heater that has given me trouble since I got the darn thing about two years ago finally gave up the ghost. I took a freezing cold shower and thought I was going to shock my heart into an arythmia.

After fiddling with it for a good chunk of the morning, I finally gave up – maybe I should just get a new one? But geez, the thing has a 9yr warranty and despite never working properly, that should be worth something…. now if I can just find the paperwork.

I was going to head out and buy a new one today, but figured I would look into the warranty at least… that is what they are for – right? In the meantime however, I can’t continue to take such shocking showers. What’s the solution? Well, less than a mile away is a brand new 24 Hour Fitness and I just happen to have a membership… why not shower there? Oh yeah – and since I am going to be going there every morning for a little while – why not workout? (See, I told you it would make sense eventually.)

I am using my latest misfortune as a sign that it is time to get into shape. I went out and bought green tea tonight (I pray it doesn’t taste like @ss.) I also recently stocked up on my USANA Nutrimeal shakes and bars… it is time to get it into the fitness gear. I will go to 24 Hour Fitness in the morning, work out, shower, dress for work, and start to eat healthy again. I’ll let you know how it turns out.