(excerpts from a letter to Bryan Orsborn over the summer break)
I called Terry last night after I got off the phone with you. I guess you were right, he is definitely sitting the semester out. He said he will be back in the Fall though. It was the first time all summer that I talked to him. He was afraid that he would lose all of his friends if he sat out, but I assured him that we would still keep in touch. I think I’m going to Houston the day before my plane leaves for Dallas and see a baseball game with Terry. I think we may also see one the day that I return. We’ll have a chance to play some basketball then. I told him that basketball just won’t be the same without his half-crazed pissed off look.

Oh, I saw Rog’s car at home this weekend. I think he may have dropped out of summer school. He called me about a week ago and told me that both of his roommates skipped out on him, leaving him with a big rent to pay. He may have decided not to go during the second summer semester.

My financial situation should be much better this year. First of all, I’m eligible for more financial aid this year, about double what I had last year. In addition to that, I have a lot more saved this summer. Last summer I saved only $300, this summer I have over $1,200 already. Well things look pretty good for this year as long as we can get along as roommates. Once again, tell Marie I’m waiting for her letter. Take it easy and good luck.

Terry is another friend from college – Terry Rochen. He did make it back up to school after a semester off. Rog is Roger Keith a friend from junior high school through to college – he too ended up back on campus after sitting out the summer.

The letter contained other things about Bryan’s home life situation which might reflect poorly on him and despite the fact that we had a huge falling out over a business situation long after college – I didn’t think it would be very nice to talk about. Would I ever do any business with him again? Not if my ass was on fire and he had the only water stand in town.