In a case of the “rich get richer,” Office Depot has a great deal – if you can afford it. First off, it is that time of year… time to do your ’04 taxes. To that end, it is a good idea to pick up a copy of TurboTax. It turns out that if you make your purchase from Office Depot, you can get a whole lot more for no money.

Okay, so you have to purchase the other stuff, but you get all of it back via rebates. The first item on the list of freebies is Quicken Basic. It is the industry-leading personal finance software and it is FREE.

Next up, you get Norton AntiVirus… one of the top virus detection and removal products on the market – FREE.

And just in case Norton is not your brand of choice… you also get McAfee VirusScan – the other top virus detection and removal product on the market – FREE. But wait… there’s more…

You get a ream of paper – FREE and a spindle of 50 blank CD-Rs FREE!

So which are you gonna choose? That is the best part – you don’t have to! You can have ALL of them with only the single purchase of TurboTax Deluxe. (Trust me, I interrogated four different employees after reading the ad to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong.) Sure, you have to purchase each of them and then get the rebate… but if you can afford to let them hold your money for a little bit… you will get it all back.

Remember, it is also that time of year to start planning for next year’s taxes. One of the single largest deductions available that most people do not take advantage of is – a home business. I have been in this one for the past few years and while the checks are nice, it is the tax savings that make this thing a goldmine.

And don’t forget the coolest freebie to come along in quite some time!! A FREE iPod… you have to jump through a frew hoops, but the bottom line is cool, portable tunes!

Oh yeah – I now have 5 free GMail invites… I will give one to each of the first five people who complete the requirements for the free iPod…

…and even cooler is the fact that after I get my iPod (I need two more people) I will change the links on my page to refer people to get you credit for YOUR free iPod (in the order that they signed up) I have three blogs and will make them all work to get you your iPod.