I heard on some other blog about a 50 Book Challenge. The idea is that you should try to read 50 books in the calendar year. I think I am going to give myself a book challenge but modify it a bit… I am going to make it a 100 Point Book Challenge.
The point system will be as follows…

Read a fiction book – 2 point
Read a nonfiction book – 3 points
Read a classic fiction book – 3 points
Listen to a fiction book on audio – 1 point
Listen to a nonfiction book on audio – 2 points
Listen to a classic fiction book – 2 points

The idea behind the point system is that hopefully the nonfiction books are more informative and do a bit more to develop your intelligence. The reading scores more over the audio mainly due to the fact that it takes more of a time investment.

So do it!!! Participate in the 100 Point Book Challenge (and please give me some props for creating it… a linkback would be nice)

Using this chart… I am at 13 points so far this year…