Cellular appeared at first glance to be an average film at best and despite some exciting moments in the previews, I really thought the film would suck. I had it for over a week from Netflix before I decided to watch it. Wow! This film is really good. Part of the surprise was the performance by Chris Evans as Ryan. Expect to see more of him soon as he will be playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. William H. Macy was brilliant as ever and I always enjoy seeing Jason Statham play this type character.

David R. Ellis the stuntman-turned-director did a great job of pacing and delivered on the suspense. If you get the chance…watch this one… you’ll like it.

RATING 8 out of 10

It seems that with every good review comes a poor one. I also watched Open Water a few days earlier and thought I would digest it a bit before writing it up. The acting was poor during the setup, average during the middle and decent toward the end. The thing was shot digitally which held my attention because of my work in that area. I quickly lost interest in the movie itself and turned to the director’s commentary track.

The extra tracks made the DVD entertaining. The story of how the filmmakers took three years to make the movie, spending their own money and doing guerilla filming every chance they got, was interesting. They talked a lot about where each of the shots came from and as a lesson in filmmaking on the cheap, it kept me listening. It won awards at Sundance (I don’t remember which ones) but I really don’t see why. Again, as a movie it sucked… the commentary track is worth watching though.

RATING 4 out of 10