I just completed the audio course Explaining Social Deviance by The Teaching Company. The course is taught by Yale University Professor, Paul Root Wolpe. He readily explains that the coursework covers all forms of social deviance such as crime, mental health, and lifestyles which differ from the mainstream. He then proceeds to explain he is “not interested” in covering everything in the course.
Wolpe takes what is an immensely interesting and important subject and uses it as an opportunity to get on a soap box. He brushes aside crime and mental health issues and says that he want to instead focus on those deviancies defined by society. He professes that a stutterer is defined as deviant by society – not as a defense of the poor stutterer… but as a segway to his real topic – homosexuality.
Wolpe explains that homosexuality is a societal-created deviance and works to construct a rationale that shows us the error of this view. His explanation of deviance as rule-breaking and breaking from convention is far fetched and agenda-driven. I looked to this course for a scientific study of what makes serial killers and sociopaths tick, and instead found yet another example of the homosexual agenda.
If you want a course that moves the gay agenda forward – you will like this. If you want a college-level course that adds to your intelligence or understanding of society – you would get just as much from an episode of Ellen. I will count this as 2 points toward my book challenge, but I cannot say it was very educational.
15 points