Any day with dogs is a good day.

Today was the Brazoria County Kennel Club dog show held at the Houston Farm & Ranch Club on Hwy 6. It was an excellent event… and it was FREE! How cool is that? You get to spend the day surrounded by hundreds of amazing animals and not spend a penny.

I mean – just take a look at these gorgeous pups… and these are just a couple. How can you see a crazy-eyed Australian Shepherd like the one on the left and not want to head over and give it a hug? Those eyes (both colors) just scream, “Hey, let’s be friends!” and have you ever seen such a big smile on a dog’s face?

This show had it all – I got to talk with fellow dog lovers and share tales of our passion for “man’s best friend.” I got to see an amazing variety of dog breeds all under one roof – from the Great Dane to the Chihuahua. And what a happy place… everyone there was smiling. It didn’t matter if their dog didn’t win – they were out having fun with their buddies. A lady walked by while I was talking to a groomer and was asked how she did. She responded excitedly, “I got SIXTH!!” She paused for a moment and laughed, “There were only six dogs, but we had fun,” while kneeling down to hug her Golden Retriever. How can you top that?

There were a GREAT bunch of Newfoundlands. (I was too busy petting and hugging them to take pictures.) They really made me miss by ‘big dog,” Sam. And then I wandered over to the “Westies” (West Highland Terriers – the breed he seems most like,) and immediately wanted to head home and hug Lou. A few minutes later, it was a pair of Beagles that made me want to give Littlefoot a “big ol’ hug.”

Look at that face…

Now, stop reading, and go hug your dog!