The last thing we need is another “trial of the century.” Think about how many millions of man hours were lost over the stupid O.J. trial (did the outcome really have any importance in your life unless you were named Simpson or Goldman?) and multiply that by ten… talk about hurting the economy! It is going to take a year or two, eat up our airwaves, pollute the blog world, stifle anything remotely creative in journalism, and yes – captivate the world. It is so sad.

I guess it is a mixed blessing because while most of the world is concentrating on whether or not little Mikey touched little Jimmy’s…… uh, jimmy – it will be an opportunity the rest of us to move up in the pecking order. (no pun intended) Office workers can move ahead by working while the slackers talk MJ around the cooler – business owners can move ahead by providing better service while their competitors respond just a bit slower because they have to hear one more CNN interview.

So I guess I take it back – this is the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY!!!!
If you miss a second of this stuff – you will be the only moron at the party who did. In fact, you should schedule some vacation time to watch all day so you are the neighborhood expert and if you own a business, your clients won’t mind waiting a day or two extra… this stuff is important!
Did you see that E! is getting exclusive coverage – here let me give you a link.