Lou went to Inez! We took a trip to visit the folks and it was definitely a big day for Lou. First off, we went to Mom’s house where he proceeded to sniff out every corner – this was a very cool new adventure.

“Hey, will you check this out? She sure keeps things cleaner than at our house.”

Next up, we headed over to Tim’s and he really got to bust loose. He ran around, chased the chickens, horses, cats – you name it.

“Look at all this space! Look at all these animals! SUH-WEEEET”

And then the dreaded Mexican Chihuahua Gang discovered he was there…

“Aye Gringo.. we are going to cut you man!”

Brian was a huge help when Lou decided to explore the nearby woods…

“Lou, get back here… dammit, STOP!”

Half a mile later… I caught up to Brian teaching Lou about not running off…

“Yeah, yeah, yeah – does that mean we’re going for another run now?”

And as if awaiting the final cue… I said goodbye to the family and Lou ran to the largest pile of horse poo he could find and rolled in it!

“If I smell bad, he won’t make me go home.”

I got him cleaned up and we headed back to the big city. We had a ton of fun. Lou’s first trip to the country was a blast. As I write this, he has been asleep on the couch for the last two hours – dreaming of being a country dog to be sure.