I just finished the audiobook Why Courage Matters by Senator John McCain. First off, I would have voted for him for Prez even before this book – it is just more assured now.

Just as in my review of President Clinton’s book, do NOT assume this is a book of politics. This book has even less to do with politics. It is, as the title states, about courage. It is a positive view on what courage is and why it is important in our lives.

McCain explains that courage is not just that which we see evident in the story of Roy P. Benevidez who though critically wounded in Vietnam, continued to do what was necessary to save his comrades. It is much more than that. It is standing up to a bully. It is doing what is right, even when you know you won’t get caught. It is suffering with dignity when there seems to be no hope. It is standing up for your beliefs without resorting to violence. It is being able to look in the mirror and be proud of the person staring back.

Again, do not put this book aside because you view him as a conservative and do not put this book aside because you view him as not conservative enough… read this book. In fact, conservatives with blinders will probably like the book less than liberals.
The audiobook is read by McCain himself and it is evident that he feels strongly about the subject as you listen. It is an important subject in a time where courage is weakly defined and often non-existent. It is an important book.
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