The book My Life by Bill Clinton is a pretty darn interesting read. Regardless of your view on his politics, ethics, or even sax playing – it is worth checking out. The story of his early childhood is more than the typical whitewashed biography fluff. He talks about getting bullied for being a “chubby band nerd.” He talks with true feeling about a childhood marked by a drunken father, early failures and inspirations.
I listened to the audiobook version which was read by President Clinton himself. There is something about an autobiography read by the author that makes it more vital – more real. When he reads the words “I never stopped feeling I was clumsy,” in reference to the time he broke his leg attempting a feat of athleticism, you can feel that regret coming through.
Sure, there are large portions of the book that wax into liberal rhetoric – but what do you expect? If you are a liberal, you will view those segments as manna from the heavens (or is that an oxymoron – liberals seeing anything as divine.) If you are a conservative, you will view those segments as political dribble… but to not read or listen to the book because of politics is as much political rhetoric. Do not read this book to change your political views – read this book to hear the story of Bill Clinton’s life – there IS a difference. After all, the title is not My Politics.

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