(excerpts from a letter to Terry Rochen who had to sit out a semester for grades)
…Jon actually went out and played football with Dave and I. Believe it or not, Dave didn’t hurt him… I did! Oops! I was playing defensive back and he was going out for a pass. Dave threw a short little dump, Jon headed for the sideline and then turned up field. He thought he could outrun me. I caught him about 15 yards up the field and grabbed him around the shoulders. Since we weren’t playing tackled, I was planning on just slowing him up. I guess he tried to wriggle free or duck away but he just went down, got backwards somehow and hit the back of his head on the ground rather hard. It wasn’t anything serious, it gave him quite a headache though. He won’t play anymore now.

I have a new major!!!!! Its not a drastic change. I am now a non-teaching Physical Education major with a Psychology minor. I’m thinking about getting into corporate fitness. I’m taking Folk Dance, Kinesiology, Officiating Football, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Sexuality. I think Folk Dance is gonna be my most fun class. Its full of great looking girls!

I hear that Huey Lewis is going to play on campus this semester. It should be pretty great!

This letter is a good glimpse into what my life was like in ’88. Dave and I spent a lot of time playing basketball during this time and a little football too. And yes, I liked (and still do) Huey Lewis and the News – it was a big deal that they were coming to play on campus. Now that I think about it – I am not sure they ever made it. We did have Jay Leno (when he was still doing standup) and Chicago.